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Experienced Heating Company

For your home in Sacramento, CA, you need a heating company that offers professional reliable heater services among multiple HVAC options. Air Craft Heating and Air Conditioning is the right fit as your local heater and air conditioner experts that can provide such services. For years, we have been the trusted option for many households in the area with historically dependable technicians. To each job, we bring with us extensive experience and training that has been hard-earned in our line of work. When you need heating services, we’re the guys to contact. Call 916-800-1404 today to schedule your appointment for each of our professional HVAC services.

Heater Services

We offer several services for heating systems such as electric and gas, both of which offer several benefits to the homes they are installed. We’re the certified technicians to call when you need a heating company that can bring heating services to your home. Even at the coldest time of the year, our certified technicians will get there as fast as they are capable when you need your heater serviced. If the time comes that you need a replacement or an entire installation, we’ve got you covered with the reliable solutions only a local heating company can bring you. Other companies tend to fail in offering personalized services for the local area around Sacramento, CA. Air Craft Heating and Air Conditioning succeeds in that endeavor, understanding where we serve personally, and making every effort to get you the options you require to be comfortable in your own home. Instead of a system that deals with several areas, our customer-focused design aims at bringing you services that are detailed to your home. Choose us to take on your service requests and you will enjoy services that are centered on getting you the result you will love and maintaining it for years to come.

Tested and Crafted HVAC Solutions

As both a heating company and an air conditioning service company, we have expertise in several aspects of HVAC that can easily make your home more comfortable. Just like our heating services, we offer multiple repairs, installation, and replacement offers to several air conditioning systems. Every day of the year, regardless of whether you need heating or air conditioning services for your home, we’ll be able to help with our services. 

Among our several services, we implement innovative and efficient methods to solve the problems occurring in your systems. Not only do we offer air conditioning and heating services, but we can also offer HVAC parts replacement as well. We easily understand that when your air conditioner or heater breaks down, you expect repairs to be made fast. That is why Air Craft Heating and Air Conditioning takes it a step further by doing it efficiently when responding in a timely manner. You don’t want repairs and other services on your climate control systems to be overly priced. We fix that, figuring out the problem and solving it at its source. Normally, an HVAC system will last between fifteen to twenty years with the latter easily possible if it is well maintained to some degree. Instead of outright offering the replacement option, we make sure to make every attempt to fix the system before considering the need to switch it out entirely. 

With each service, you can take comfort in understanding we offer services that can be acclimated to your home. As both an air conditioning and heating company, our services cover a wide array of needs that can be covered inside your household. Contact us today so we can send out a technicians from our main location in Sacramento, CA.


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When you need the best heating company in Sacramento, CA, Air Craft Heating and Air Conditioning is the team of technicians to call for all of your heating services. Whatever time of the year, when you need your heating services applied to your home, we can help. Give us a call at 916-800-1404 today to get you the services only a local heating company can.